Process Consultation

Businesses run on processes. From everyday operations to revenue generation, there is a process for every activity. These processes are meant to achieve a certain result. But sometimes those results are not what we would like them to be, and we realize the need to ring a change. This is where process consultation comes into the picture.

The goal of process consulting is to improve workplace efficiency by helping businesses to optimize workflows.

The processes that we would love to get involved with:

Those that require understanding of Industrial psychology and needs a good amount of focus on group dynamics and interpersonal interactions. In short , we can help you with your Marketing , HR and Support Processes.

How it helps:

By making processes more efficient, process consultants help to reduce time spent in meetings, resolve conflicts, and improve efficiency.

How do we go about it?

We understand that we can’t lay down the law, the ultimate control has to be in your hands after all. Therefore, rather than saying how things should be done, our consultation would consist of facilitation and coaching. The habits of years can be hard to change, and when your team is accustomed to doing things in a certain way, they may find it hard to think out of the box and come up with efficient solutions. A consultant can help them to take a fresh look at processes.

The Process consultation Process

Stage 1

It starts from interviewing key team members to discuss the issues. These are structured interviews backed by surveys, questionnaires, in-depth observations and hands-on tests of current processes.

Stage 2

Next we track and collect process data. Using process-data mining tools and applications, we will further assemble information and issue reports on where your organization sees bottlenecks, interruptions, redundancies, and wasted resources, plus where you could automate.

What result should you expect?

The organization becomes scalable, streamlined, and cost-effective in ways beyond feel-good strategy.

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