Beyond Words

Visual Content

Visual content, simply put, is the graphics and images that you see when consuming information. Amongst content types, videos win the maximum eyeballs and infographics are the most shared form of content . Examples of visual content include:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Pictures
  • Meme and GIFs
  • Comics

Info Graphics

Info-graphics are worth a thousand words. They can be used to re purpose long form content like articles and research reports and are useful for transforming a complex subject into visually appealing, easily consumable, and readily shareable content.

Pod Cast and Audio Content

Podcasts: Podcasts are a type of audio content, generally broadcasted over the Internet, designed to inform, and entertain its audience.

Audiobooks: The recording of a narration of a book, is an audiobook.


Chatbots Content

With smartphones as the dominant medium of accessing the Internet, users are spending most of their time online, on messaging apps. Which is why companies are creating messaging-app friendly chatbots to reach their audience more effectively.

A chatbot script requires deep understanding of the subject matter. It also requires an understanding of the users who will be interacting with the bot. Chatbots can serve a specific micropurpose or simply aim to chat with users for the sake of engagement, either way there are things to be kept in mind while developing their respective scripts

Upevently Xotira is a company into experience creation. No matter where you are or at what stage of life, your experiences are embedded in your memory and reflected in your personality and unlike other materialistic possessions, those will stay with you forever. Its important, therefore, to treat your mind to soulful experiences. That's where our role comes in.