Brand Content

Business Storytelling

When you’re writing a story, don’t just begin moving your pen because you fancy an idea. Sure, it might be great for later, but think of the present. Create a story that is relevant to what you’re offering customers. Get insights into what moves them, what inspires them.

It is all about building an emotional connect.


Company Profile

Upevently Xotira love events, we are passionate about them and take each one personally. Our passion and dedication, combined with the experience of our in-house event specialists enables us to exceed client expectations.

White Papers

A white paper, unlike a promotional pitch, is used by marketers to solve their customers’ needs by providing them with information about research, trials, and breakthroughs.


Case Study

Your clients like to understand exactly how your product or service would benefit them. They expect both information and guidance. A case study addresses a central problem/challenge faced by your client, and illustrates the solution your company offered to meet the requirements.

It helps build trust, context, relevance, and credibility with the audience.

Content Repurposing

Starting afresh can be tedious. Content repurposing allows you to hit the ground running. It is cheaper, faster, and cost-effective . Apart from being the smarter thing to do, here are some more compelling reasons to consider content repurposing:

  • Time, Effort, and Cost
  • Get More Done – Increased Online Presence
  • Wider Reach
  • Build on Your Success
  • Turnaround Less Popular Content
  • Consistent, yet Diversified Messaging
  • Improves SEO 

Direct Marketing

As a marketer, you can use direct marketing to reach out to specific target audiences by customizing communications. This is possible if you can clearly segment your market, identify your prospects, and offer tailored solutions through personalized direct emails, desk calendars, tele-sales, SMS, digital retargeting, postal mails and more.

Create different emails for different trigger cases.

Upevently Xotira is a company into experience creation. No matter where you are or at what stage of life, your experiences are embedded in your memory and reflected in your personality and unlike other materialistic possessions, those will stay with you forever. Its important, therefore, to treat your mind to soulful experiences. That's where our role comes in.