Catalogue Management

Product Description

The World Wide Web is the biggest bazaar on the planet. Manufacturers, resellers, multi-brand portals, flagship stores, small retailers, and even individuals offer various products and services online. However, the rules of this game change very fast.

This is why your e-commerce website becomes ever so important.


Image Editing

While product images need to look their best on your website, they don’t always start that way. Raw images need a fair amount of editing before they can be uploaded. Product images are digitally altered to make sure they adhere to the necessary parameters and specifications for your portal.

This gives your e-commerce storefront a uniform look, and allows customers to glean as much as they can about the product visually.


A guide helps bridge a vital communication gap between the buyer and the seller. Guides are also an important source for building and retaining organic traffic for your website. Due to its nature, it can keep visitors on your site longer.

Offering useful advice also helps build customer confidence in your brand.


Category Landing Page

A category page is akin to an index for an e-commerce page. It lists all the products available in that category, for customers to scroll through and compare. Users searching for a specific category of products will be far more appreciative of your website if the link they click on takes them to a category page rather than the homepage or a specific product page.

These seemingly innocuous pages go a long way in making your e-commerce website more engaging and informative.

Review Writing

Review writing is a meticulous task. A reviewer is expected to use the product or experience the service first hand so that he can write an honest review.


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