Web Content

Web Content Writing

A website is undoubtedly the primary point of contact for your business. Yes, it is not just an information sharing platform, but also an extremely powerful sales tool. Moreover, it is a ready reference about your company, its products and services, its people, processes, success stories and key developments. However, in cyberspace, you don’t have a swanky brick and mortar office or an enthusiastic sales representative, all you have are words, videos, and pictures, to invite, inform, and to engage.

With Us Ensure that your website is a true representative of your real self.



Apart from being a medium to share information, websites are excellent sales and marketing tools. If your objective is to generate business enquires and sales through your website, you need your web content to be optimized for search engines. This helps your website rank higher when a user runs a related search query.

Maintaining Web Content

If your website has old or plagiarized content, chances are that it is long lost amidst the deluge of new information that Google crawls each day. To keep your readers interested, you need to regularly create and upload new and unique content. Maintaining your web content and regularly adding fresh write-ups is an important input to getting noticed and making it to the top of the organic search results page.


Blog Marketing

A blog is a very effective tool for marketing and sales. It is a quick, transparent, and authentic platform for sharing information about your company.

Why risk sharing your story with external parties and uncanny journalists when you can have your own “Breaking News”?


Articles, as a form of shaping thoughts and opinions, have been around since ages. Offering entertaining, engaging, and informative articles helps position your brand. Crafted well, articles can be great for your brand, subtly weaving in your message and offerings.

Experts and opinion leaders write thought-provoking articles and editorials to further cement their position as the thought leaders in their industry .


Upevently Xotira is a company into experience creation. No matter where you are or at what stage of life, your experiences are embedded in your memory and reflected in your personality and unlike other materialistic possessions, those will stay with you forever. Its important, therefore, to treat your mind to soulful experiences. That's where our role comes in.